Passionate About Empowering Others

Being coached is an investment in yourself and your organisation and can produce some of the highest returns. 


I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) in personal and business coaching and a qualified secondary school science teacher, ​with responsibility for pastoral care.  I have 20+years experience in learning and development at both local authority and Scottish Government level, designing and delivering support through workshops, resilience and wellbeing programmes for adults and young people, coaching and consultation.  


My style is intuitive, open and honest and I have a proven track record for quickly building rapport. I enjoy working with associates to deliver a range of packages for clients from both public and private sector, small to medium sized business owners, executives and young people transitioning from school to further education and the workplace.

Never has boosting the resilience of your employees been more important

The way people feel about themselves, their roles, their relationships, their working environment, their contributions and their physical and mental wellbeing will have a huge impact on how they show up and on their ability to thrive at home and at work.  

A 2020 report by Deloitte found the average return on investment of workplace mental health interventions to be 5:1. This could be increased to 11:1 when the intervention is informed by diagnostics, focussed on prevention through building of resilience and implemented organisation-wide.