Feeling stuck? Need purpose?

Coaching will help you to show up as the best version of you, both personally and professionally. Using proven   transformational coaching techniques, I will guide, encourage and challenge you to explore your values, find your purpose and navigate your journey to set goals, take action and overcome challenges.  

Career coaching

  • ​first job, new job, reinventing

  • improve performance

  • returning to work after a career break​

Survive or thrive?

  • you want something different/more

  • fear being average 

  • looking for greater purpose

Improve productivity

  • transform old habits into winning formulas.

  • help you to time manage, be more resourceful and adaptable

30 min Complimentary Intro Call

You have decided you are ready to create some changes in your life and you are curious about coaching.  This is an opportunity to meet your coach, ask some questions and find out more, before you decide to invest in yourself.

Individual Coaching Packages

90 minute Wellbeing Boost

How are you weathering the storm?

Explore your own current levels of resilience and the impact of pressures, challenges and adversities on your social, psychological and physical wellbeing.


Take the Workplace resilience and wellbeing (Wraw) questionnaire ahead of our coaching session


Your personalised Wraw report will then support our coaching conversation, where you will have the time and space to consider your thoughts and behaviours and action plan towards improving your personal wellbeing.