Developing your Young Workforce

Many young people cope well with the transition to the workplace while others will face challenges and barriers to engaging, particularly if this follows a period of unemployment.


Poor mental health and wellbeing impacts work performance, absenteeism and productivity and affects young people disproportionately, with 18-20 year olds being most at risk.  Appropriate and timely support at this key transition will help you to meet the needs of your young employees and allow them to realise their potential and have maximum impact within your organisation.


121transformational coaching

  • identify strengths

  • overcome challenges

  • reach their peak in motivation, engagement and performance

Group coaching

  • powerful in generating peer connection and support

  • suited to introverts

  • offers cost-effective option.

Group work

A range of workshops designed to meet the needs of your young employees and their managers.

Working Well

Educate and empower employees to discover and maximise their own resilience.


Mental Fitness

Science-based toolkit to support your employees to build new habits to benefit performance, productivity and creativity and lower stress.


Peak Performance

Supporting employees to manage pressure and energy in challenging times.


The WRAW psychometric tool measures an individual’s resilience and the impact on their wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Identify gaps in resilience

  • fast track coaching conversations

  • support the design of personalised action plans


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