Jane Saddler

Core Coaching Ltd

Edinburgh, UK


p: +44 7766 200 520


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"I am very happy to recommend Jane as a coach, for a multitude of reasons.  She put me at ease immediately at our first session and we covered a lot of ground, from the very start.  I felt confident that we were setting goals that I could visualise and work towards, at my pace.  Jane is insightful and focused, listens attentively and asks poignant questions that really make me think. She helps me to set realistic milestones and I have taken a lot more out of our sessions than I anticipated.  She is both professional and warm, which is a lovely combination for anyone looking for a coach."   ~ Beth

"Jane has really made me focus on getting my thoughts together, take stock and work out where I want to go next in areas of my life that I have been having issues with! She has allowed me to explore these areas in a safe, secure environment, allowing me to be open and honest with how I feel and helping me to explore how I would resolve my problems in a constructive way! In this day and age where life is so hectic and we get pulled in so many directions this opportunity for self development has been invaluable and the skills I have learned will be with me for the rest of my life! Thank you Jane!"   ~ Vicky

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