White Branch

"It’s easy to want someone to wave a magic wand to ‘fix’ things when life isn’t going the way you had hoped. Finding the way forward for yourself though can be more powerful."  


During the sessions with Jane she asked gentle questions and encouraged me to reflect on my thinking styles and I was able to gradually begin to see things differently and start to make changes. The most impactful change was me being able to reframe what winning means to me after realising that winning played a heavy role in my thinking and actions. Through the sessions I began to realise the negative impact that wanting to always win was having on my own wellbeing. I began to realise that I needed to put more importance on my own wellbeing and that this could be the real win for me. Through guidance from Jane I have been able to make this small change to my thinking and I am already seeing it have a positive impact on my wellbeing.  

Jane is warm, friendly and relaxed. I laughed with Jane and I cried too. I can find it difficult to open up and be my true self but Jane quickly enabled me to feel at ease. I believe that me being able to truly share more of myself enabled these sessions to have a greater and longer lasting impact.'

Catherine, Voluntary Sector