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"surprised by the journey"

Thank you so much for the coaching - although I knew what it consisted of I was still surprised by the journey it took me on. I can't say it was easy! I thought there would be more hand-holding (which in hindsight may have been easier but not as effective). I found myself being challenged but also gained the confidence to challenge myself within the supportive safety you provided. I came to it with a certain focus but quickly discovered how easily the skills and mindset I have acquired and learned have slotted into various parts of my life.I honestly believe it has allowed me to make positive changes in the way I think and approach things that have affected both my work and personal life - providing me with the skills that make me happier, more confident and successful within myself.Thank you so much - I couldn't imagine someone more suited to the role. I was able to trust you, and felt simultaneously pushed and challenged,

safe enough to be honest and accountable to myself in these sessions and beyond.



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