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Happiness is an inside job

The coaching process encourages personal development by identifying the thinking or behaviours that are holding someone back.

Unlike counselling, where you would delve into the past to find the answers, in coaching, the past is considered but the focus is on helping the young person to understand what they want in life now and how to set and achieve these goals.

A coach will not 'tell' a young person what to do but rather act as a sounding board, to help them to see things differently and in doing so offer fresh possibilities, clarity and solutions to move forward.

Coaching can be an empowering experience which puts the young person in the driving seat: supported to find answers from within themselves and equipping them with skills for life.

Realising their potential?

  • ​discover potential and goal set to achieve it

  • understand emotions and manage reactions 

  • explore values/purpose - find out what's important to them

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed?

  • manage expectations, pressure, stress and be more resourceful

  • gain fresh perspective - see possibilities and opportunities

  • identify needs and discuss worries

Needing support to action plan? 

  • navigate difficult situations/failure with creative problem solving

  • develop confidence and motivation in your own decision making

  • boost motivation - set goals for self improvement 

"My daughter was feeling stuck. 

You have helped her to shift her thinking and be able to see a way forward.  This has not only positively impacted her school work but also helped her to be confident about who she is".          

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