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we help people and organisations to feel and perform at their best

51% of all work-related ill health, and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health, are attributed to stress, depression or anxiety (HSE, 2020). As well as sickness absence, poor mental health at work can lead to increased staff turnover, reduced engagement and high presenteeism. These facts relate to a world pre-COVID-19; early indications suggest that the pandemic (and measures taken by government to control it such as lockdown and social distancing) will have a significant impact upon the mental health of employees.

never has looking after the wellbeing of your employees been so important

Wellbeing in the workplace

Foster high performance, productivity and creativity whilst reducing the risk of absenteeism and burnout.

Gain insights into the wellbeing of your employees using robust analytics to identify risk, target intervention for maximum benefit and return on investment.

Designed to encourage personal development in young people while providing an outlet for stress.

Coaching can challenge expectations, help young people to gain perspective, explore the pressures around fitting in and support in planning a future.

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Whether you are leading change, feeling stuck, at a transition point or launching something new, coaching is a powerful process for assisting you to unlock and maximize your potential.


Achieve what matters to you most at a pace that suits.